Role Play Peacegames provide participants the opportunity to play the parts of parties in conflict situations and to play the role of a mediator who helps the parties reach agreement. The games show alternatives to violence for dealing with conflicts. While supplies last, you can have games laminated for free.

The World Consensus Game allows participants to see maps of viewpoints or philosophies and the maps show the relationship between viewpoints. Next to the maps are definitions of philosophies. When complete, there will be arguments for and against views, with a chance to express agreement or disagreement and to make comments.

Instructional Materials include fact sheets on conflicts including historic conflicts and current conflicts, a Lesson in Conflict Resolution, and sample chapters of the philosophy books listed below.

List of Role Play Peacegames (TM sign) All paperback books with a single game are $10 and all collections of four to eight games are $20. Books are available from or from any bookstore. They are distributed to bookstores by Ingram, Inc. You can contact us at

Philosophy Books include

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